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Environmental Sublingual Immunotherapy

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Environmental Sublingual Immunotherapy

Environmental Sublingual Immunotherapy services offered in McKinney, TX

Allergies to environmental substances like pollen, dust, and mold can cause a range of distressing symptoms like sore, streaming eyes and nose. If you suffer from an environmental allergy, talk to Nana Mireku, MD, FACAAI, FAAAAI, of Texas AllergyMD in McKinney, Texas, about sublingual immunotherapy. Dr. Mireku offers environmental sublingual immunotherapy to help patients overcome their allergies long-term. To find out how you could benefit from this proven method of reducing allergy symptoms, call Texas AllergyMD today. You can also book your telehealth or in-person appointment online.

Environmental Sublingual Immunotherapy Q&A

What is environmental sublingual immunotherapy?

Environmental sublingual immunotherapy is a long-term treatment for allergies to substances that you might encounter during your day, such as:

  • Dust mites
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Molds

Environmental sublingual immunotherapy helps to reduce your body’s reaction to these allergens so you avoid the distressing symptoms they can cause.

Why would I need environmental sublingual immunotherapy?

You might benefit from environmental sublingual immunotherapy if allergies to the substances mentioned above are causing you problems with daily life. Seasonal allergies like hay fever, where pollen triggers your symptoms, can result in fits of sneezing, a constantly runny nose, and red, streaming eyes.

It’s bad enough to experience these cold-like symptoms for a few days when you have a virus, but if you’ve got an allergy, you might get these problems frequently or every day. Dust mite allergies could see you suffering symptoms all year round.

Dr. Mireku provides several treatments that can help reduce allergy symptoms, such as antihistamines that calm your body’s response to the allergen or steroid medications that reduce inflammation. These treatments work well for many people, but some find they don’t help enough or even at all.

If you’re in this position, immunotherapy could be the answer. Allergy shots are one option, where you visit Texas AllergyMD regularly for an injection. Environmental sublingual immunotherapy is the other, where you simply put drops under your tongue at home.

How does environmental sublingual immunotherapy work?

Environmental sublingual immunotherapy helps desensitize your immune system to the substances that trigger your allergies.

Allergies develop in response to an immune system flaw that makes it react inappropriately to harmless substances. When it identifies the presence of a substance like pollen, the immune system of someone with an allergy reacts as though it were defending you from a harmful microorganism like a bacteria or virus.

This triggers the release of histamine, a substance that encourages inflammation. Excessive inflammation then causes your allergy symptoms. Immunotherapy works by introducing tiny amounts of the allergens that trigger this immune response into your body.

Repeating the process over months and often years helps your body get used to the allergen and stop reacting so violently.

How do I take environmental sublingual immunotherapy?

Environmental sublingual immunotherapy is easy to use; you simply put the required number of drops under your tongue each day.

The first phase of your sublingual immunotherapy treatment takes about a month. Dr. Mireku increases the dose until it reaches a certain point, then you continue taking the drops for the time she recommends.

To find out more about environmental sublingual immunotherapy and how it can help you, call Texas AllergyMD today or book an appointment online.