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About Our Practice

Allergy, Immunology & Asthma in McKinney, TX

About the Practice

Texas AllergyMD in McKinney, Texas, is a leading Allergy, Asthma, Eczema and Food Allergy practice that helps children and adults of all ages by diagnosing the causes of allergies and providing high-quality, innovative treatments that provide allergy relief. The practice also promotes allergy prevention, helping people avoid their triggers to reduce the suffering allergies can cause.

Allergy specialist Nana Mireku MD, FACAAI, FAAAAI, has more than ten years of experience in allergy medicine. At Texas AllergyMD, she offers preventative, personalized for allergic conditions. She has a passion for serving families who suffer from environmental  allergies, and  food allergies. 

Dr. Mireku and her staff at Texas AllergyMD provide comprehensive, compassionate care in one convenient location. Their end-to-end solutions include advanced treatments such as environmental sublingual immunotherapy, food sublingual immunotherapy, and oral immunotherapy to reduce patients’ sensitivity to allergens.

In addition to the practice’s expertise in allergies, patients with related disorders like asthma and eczema also receive specialized care at Texas AllergyMD. Patients can benefit from the convenience of choosing in-person or telehealth appointments. The practice uses the cutting-edge AllergenIQ platform comprehensive virtual care conveniently from the comfort of your own home. 

To find out more about the services available at Texas AllergyMD and benefit from world-class allergy treatments, call or go online today to book your telehealth (www.allergenq.com)  or in-person appointment.